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Creatively partners with mission-driven organizations and leaders
to bring out their best.

Consultant  •  Facilitator  •  Coach  •  Trainer  •  Writer 

“What they say about Hilary”

Photo credit: Lolita Parker, Jr.

Marc Dohan
NewVue Communities
 “If I had to use a few words to describe
Hilary, they would be intelligent, strategic,
energetic and focused. She is more than
just skilled – she is good at both the strategy and the execution, and she is a great communicator who is able to work with a diverse group of people and bring out the best in them.”


Andre Jones
Fenway Community
Development Corporation

 “Hilary is very real – she makes the material that she discusses both accessible and practical, and works extremely well with a diverse group. She manages to get everyone to participate and voice their opinion while at the same time ensuring that the group coalesces around common goals. Hilary made the whole process so enjoyable and productive that we were disappointed when her engagement with us ended.” 


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