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“Working with organizations
over time allows me to nurture their progress, and witness their persistence in bringing about positive change.”

Hilary’s Story

Hilary‘s commitment to social justice and positive change is evident in every engagement, and is based on her life experience and educational foundation.

Hilary was one of the first women in her family to complete college, and pledged to use her degree in labor history from Yale to address societal challenges.  After graduation, she organized low-wage workers, and then traveled extensively in South America where she became fluent in Spanish.

Upon returning to the U.S, she joined Impact Visuals, a photo agency in NYC that raised awareness about social issues.  She then returned to advocacy in occupational health and safety, working with low and middle-income women.  And after 14 years of working, she decided to further her education at Harvard’s Kennedy School, where she earned a Masters in Public Administration.

Next stop was NeighborWorks America, a national non-profit dedicated to strengthening communities. As a senior management consultant, relationship manager, and funder, Hilary served a broad portfolio of organizations. She also became increasingly interested in consulting with, as well as training boards of directors, and became certified as a team coach.

After 11 years at NeighborWorks America
, and with all her experience as a foundation, Hilary started her own consulting practice with the purpose of bringing her skills directly to more organizations.

Consulting Approach and Foundation

Hilary's successful engagements with a wide range of clients can be attributed to her breadth of experience as well as her dedication to ongoing professional development.

Board Governance
Hilary is serving in her third round as coach in NeighborWorks America’s Excellence in Governance program, which draws on BoardSource material and uses the Governance as Leadership framework (Chait, Ryan and Taylor, 2005).

Hilary has incorporated concepts of Adaptive Leadership (Heifetz and Linsky) and Facilitative Leadership (Interaction Institute for Social Change – IISC) into her work. Soon after graduate school, Hilary served as an affiliate trainer for IISC, and continues to draw on this experience.     


Diversity and Inclusion
Hilary’s experience in the integrated public schools of Teaneck, NJ led to a lifelong commitment to creating diverse and equitable organizations. She leads trainings on Engaging the Next Generation, and supports clients in their commitment to inclusive practices.

Organizational Systems
Hilary has taken part twice in The Power Lab, an experiential training program based on Barry Oshry’s work (Seeing Systems). This systems approach raises awareness of relative positions in organizations and society, which influence thinking and strategies for success.

Hilary completed facilitator training through the Future Search Network, and especially enjoys working with leadership teams to plan events that make a difference. Her style of facilitation is inclusive and confident.

Hilary received her coaching certification from Linkage, Inc, which promotes a practical approach to coaching. She continued her own development through an Advanced Transformational Coaching Course. And she is accredited to assess the Emotional Intelligence of teams.



Anne Litwin

Anne Litwin is a writer, public speaker, coach, consultant and trainer with over 30 years experience. She also recently completed New Rules for Women: Revolutionizing the Way Women Work Together.


Jackie Neel

Jackie Neel has devoted over 40 years to public service, most recently as Deputy Director for the City of Cambridge, Department of Human Services. She holds a Masters of Education from Antioch College, and a Masters of Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School.   

Kristin O’Sullivan

Kristin O’Sullivan, Director of Major Gifts and Events at Crossroads, has also served as a staff person in the Massachusetts State Legislature and at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Kristin holds a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

Jill Silverstein

Jill Silverstein, Principal of JSS Consulting, focuses on individual and organizational capability, leadership development, and succession strategy for both corporations and not-for-profit arts organizations. Jill has held several senior corporate training positions, and is currently a Trustee of several non-profit organizations.

Sunny Schwartz

Sunny Schwartz is Executive Director of the Metro North Regional Employment Board. Her career focus has been workforce development, based on both a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard’s Kennedy School and a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan.

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