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Board and Leadership Development

Consulting and Coaching

Program Creation and Facilitation


Board and Leadership Development

  • Provides consultation and training on board governance, incorporating best practices and drawing on practitioner expertise.


  • Designs and facilitates interactive retreats and planning sessions that result in a unified vision, concrete goals, and increased team effectiveness.

  • Develops and manages self-assessment processes to gauge engagement and set the stage for leaders to contribute according to their strengths.

  • Serves as board coach in Excellence in Governance, a national 18-month program sponsored by NeighborWorks America.

“Hilary is one of the most effective consultants that I have worked with due to her unique blend of skills.  She is a highly effective communicator who is very intuitive and has a keen ability to bring people together to come to a collective decision.  She also distinguishes herself from others in her preparation before an engagement which is second to none.” 
— Kim Brumber, President/CEO, Volunteers of America Upstate New York

Consulting and Coaching

  • Works with individual leaders and/or teams to leverage strengths, understand challenges, and find pathways forward.

  • Incorporates principles of Adaptive Leadership, leading to creative and significant change in addition to more technical adjustments.

  • In collaboration with client, tracks advancement against defined objectives.


“Hilary’s interpersonal skills were excellent. She showed a rare capacity to understand and work with conflict, and was able to step in effectively when discussions became heated, all the while steering our group to concentrate on mission-driven results.”
— Gouri Banerjee, Ph. D. Board Member, Saheli Support and Friendship for South Asian Women

”Hilary was a great listener as well as a strong communicator.  Throughout her facilitation, she created an environment where each individual felt comfortable voicing their opinion.  Hilary was also very adept at finding the common themes that ultimately led to group consensus.  Her diligent preparation as well as her disciplined approach during the meeting resulted in an extremely productive event that led to the development of an actionable plan.”
— Alma Balonon-Rosen, Relationship Management-Northeast, Enterprise Community Partners

Program Creation and Facilitation

  • Collaboratively designs unique programs to reach desired outcomes.

  • Utilizes creative facilitation methods to draw out the richness of diverse groups.

  • Concludes engagements by ensuring concrete next steps, based on enhanced relationships.




  • Designs and leads board training to include leaders from various organizations so that peer to peer learning can flourish.

  • Offers customized training to focus on specific challenges faced by a particular team or organization.

  • Serves on faculty of NeighborWorks Training Institute, a mobile university that attracts leaders from every corner of the United States. 


Guiding Values

Commitments to Clients

Excellence and Reliability

Projects are completed on time and with the utmost attention to quality and detail.

Transparency and Confidentiality

Open, productive communication throughout the process is guaranteed. At the same time, privacy of clients is respected under all circumstances with no exceptions.

Collaborative Spirit

Identifies opportunities and joins forces to bring ideas to fruition.

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