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Creating Change

Launching this new website has been a truly creative process. I started with a kernel of inspiration many months ago – it was time for an update! And no surprise, bringing this idea to fruition necessitated collaboration, feedback, and much adaptation along the way.

Working with marketing experts at Nakoma Strategy, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the many clients I have been privileged to serve. Some of them have been kind enough to offer their stories here. Determined organizations, committed volunteers, and skilled staff leaders all make my work interesting and fun.

Forced to draft, revise, and clarify what I offer to the world has also made me more determined than ever to use both my personal and professional skills to benefit our society.

So, I invite you in to my consulting practice through this new door. Please share a comment about how your mission-driven organization has adapted in the last eventful year. And let me know how we can partner to bring about needed, constructive change. I have no doubt that we can accomplish great things by working together!

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